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poems by me


I’m an idiot,
I watch and see what you have
and say nothing.

Its building up inside of me
begging to be free.

You’ve crossed the last line
and I’m done with the crap.

Better pack your bags
cause you are never coming back!


get on the phone
the kids are drawn to me

I try and talk to a friend
the kids are drawn to me

I clean the house
and the kids are drawn to me

I clean the house again an hour later
and the kids are drawn to me

I try and make dinner
and the kids are drawn to me

I’m about to lose my mind from
kids being underfoot

when I hear four little words
from my youngest…

Mommy, I love you.

and I am drawn to my kids.


I should have held on longer,
instead of letting the anger out.
I should held on longer
and maybe used some clout.

My temper got the best of me
and I let a good job go.
I should have stayed and held my ground
and gone

No words

Your silence says enough
your absence is overwhelming…
yet you are still here.

Here in body, but mind is elsewhere.
You criticize with just that “look”,
to have the last word…your word is law,
or so you think.

I’ll bide my time, waiting patiently
until the day you finally realize what you had
and then I will walk away.

No words will be said, because they never
before were spoken…


The notes appear upon my desk
I fear the worst of what is written next.
I’ve told her no, in no uncertain terms
But she won’t listen, her head is full of worms.

I’ve had to get a restraining order,
She haunts me night and day
I feel like hiding in the quiet
cold weather of gray.

Her friends all tell her to let go,
She ignores their pleas
And always tells them no.

I’ve put her messages up on youtube,
She still hasn’t got a clue,
That I want to be left alone
And not deal with her bad ju ju.

So now my story can be told,
She has been sent to juvie
I’ve got a contract plus lots of gold
And soon it will turn into a movie.

Mind games

You say you love me
then leave me again.
Stop playing these mind games
where I never win.

We once had something
but now we’re apart,
you think it’s nothing
but it breaks my heart.

So when you get bored,
desperate or down,
don’t come running to me,
I won’t be around.

You see, love’s an emotion
shared between two.
Love’s not a game
where the winner is you.

Robin’s rant

Do you see me? Do you see me for who I am?
I’m the one crying inside
And you don’t give a damn.

I’ve had our babies,
I love them more than life.
You drive me crazy
And don’t see me as your wife.

You’re cold inside, emotionally dead.
The indifference towards me
Speaks volumes in my head.

There will always be bills to pay and projects to complete.
But don’t forget your family, who will not always want to compete.

The whisper in the night, is the only time I hear,
Of you wanting loving, but not to be so near.

I’ve gained the weight, this I know is true.
I’ve reached for the comfort food
So I won’t be blue.

The food is satisfying, quick and unhealthy,
I wish it were you I was splurging on
And not making supermarkets so wealthy.

My poem is the way to express,
What I cannot say to you.
And even if I did say all,
You still wouldn’t have a clue.

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